Define Your Tribe

A very common saying in marketing circles is

If you are talking to everyone you are talking to no one


But how do you know who you should be talking to? Isn't everyone our target market?

When you begin to design your own business you get to choose exactly the niche you want to develop for yourself. The best marketers, most successful entrepreneurs do not function like large corporations, instead they function more like boutiques. They specialize and narrow their audience so that they develop a very distinct tribe. Why? Because unlike you or I, large corporations have enormous marketing budgets and they can cast a wider net than we can. Yet even with those deep pockets they still develop target markets. Huggies isn't marketing to moms of teenagers right? So you need to determine where you can best connect with your audience and start there. Keep in mind your market can and probably will develop over time. You also need to define two categories of target markets; customers and business builders. To get started I would ask yourself the following questions:

Who are you? (biz opportunity) 

When thinking of building your business and growing a team it's easiest to speak to people who are either where you are or where you've been. These are life stages you have experience in or are currently experiencing. This gives you the ability to really connect on a deeper level with your audience because you speak their language, understand their struggles and the things that make them happy. Very likely they will be interested in growing a business of their own for the same reasons you are and you can share with them on that level.

Who are you? (What stage of life are you in?)

As a consumer what stage of life are you in or have you recently lived through? Much like speaking to a potential business partner who is where you are speaking to potential customers works best when you speak their language, feel their pain and can offer them tried and true solutions to their biggest problems. When you can relate to your customer in that way you connect with them on a deeper level and they trust your opinion. Very often you have solutions that they may never have heard of that can change their lives or you can offer guidance in an area they have heard some things about but want to know more.

For instance, I am an entrepreneur, a working mom and a mom of older kids who are or have recently crossed into adulthood. I share my products and my business opportunity from that perspective because I understand both that place and the specific challenges that go along with it.


Where are you going? (what are you growing into that you can share enthusiastically?)

We are all continuously moving forward. Do you have interests that are in line with your business or product line? How can you connect those interests and groups of people and share your business or products? Do you have a hobby or past-time that you love that you can incorporate similarly? How do you use your products in your every day life that you can showcase to people who have similar lives and interests? Or how can you simply connect on this level minus your products - just for who you are?

I love inspirational quotes. I believe in the power of positivity and I want to touch peoples lives in an inspirational way so one of the ways I connect with my tribe is by sharing quotes that lift them up or make them think. This is why one of my focuses is called "Using Your Head" and I use this method to connect to my audience.


What have you learned that really changed your life?

More than likely you are crazy about your products because they have greatly affected your quality of life. This is a great way to share them with others. Do you have other experiences that connect you with specific groups of people that you can tie to your business?  

I personally love yoga and meditation and my life will forever be changed by them. So I share my business and my products in a way that connects deeply with people who share a similar interest and I can also share how I use my products in that space.

Wildcard - things you love that are just part of who you are

All of this is branding. By determining a few categories that I connected with deeply I was able to begin to brand myself and develop a niche of like-minded, passionate friends who enjoy the same things. We get the same silly jokes, we geek out over the same goofy things and we struggle with similar issues - and as their guide I can point them in a direction that will support them when and where they need it. This is simply serving and that is soooo much more fun and fulfilling than selling!