5 "Health" Foods I No Longer Buy

I’ve always been concerned about my health and strived to create the healthiest body I could for myself. But over the last couple of years despite my best efforts I was gaining weight and starting to have some serious health problems. I was so discouraged because I was trying SO HARD to be healthy. As I researched how this could be happening I discovered some things that I was eating that were actually sabotaging my efforts. They were common ‘health’ foods that many people in my life eat regularly (as did I) and they actually worked against my health goals. I’m sharing them with you in case you are having the same struggles I did.

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Embarking on My Journey of Peace

I did it. I have finally reached a place of being sick and tired of being “sick and tired.” That’s a good thing because I’m a quintessential Type A personality and it takes a whole heck of a lot of crapola for me to wake up and read the writing on the wall when things aren’t working.

As I contemplated my guiding word for 2019 I realized that I was in a really frustrated, grouchy and exhausted place and I was tired of it. My guiding word evolved and it was PEACE and here is why and how I plan to use it in the coming year to grow, and rise!

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Reclaim the Rest of Your Year

Woah! Can you believe that the last quarter of the year is just around the corner? If you are anything like me you spend so much time with your head down, nose to the grind-stone that time flies in a blink! That’s awesome, but I’ve found that busyness doesn’t always mean I’m productive so I’m taking some time this week to regroup and make sure that I’m on track to accomplish my goals for the year. Feeling unsure of where you stand in the goal crushing category? Keep reading and let’s slay this last quarter together!

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What Being Healthy Really Means

In today’s society, there is a lot of emphasis on maintaining physical health, but most of us forget to spend time looking after these other areas of wellbeing. If we are going to take a look at how healthy we are, we must consider how we are looking after the “whole of us” and not just our bodies.

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Keto Coffee - Magic Elixir

The worst part about giving up sugars is that coffee is no longer fun! Our lives are centered on the social aspect of coffee and not being able to share in that experience can make you feel so deprived that you consider quitting. I am a coffee lover and I wanted to be able to share that with my friends and loved ones so I developed some really yummy recipes for Keto Coffee that even those who don’t Keto will LOVE!

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Red, White, Blue & GREEN

I LOVE Independence Day! But the celebrations can be so wasteful and hard on the planet. Here are some tips to celebrate in a way that is still enjoyable but more eco-friendly. Enjoy!

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Sunday Rituals for a Productive Week

I'm a busy (BUSY!) working mom and often my list of to-do's is overwhelming. When I started learning more about self care I discovered that there were some things I needed to make sure I did for myself every week so that my work week was more productive, less stressful and more fulfilling. These are the rituals I do every Sunday that help me prepare for the week ahead and crush it like a boss!

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Self Care during the Full Moon

Rumor has it that the full moon can wreak havoc on our emotions, moods and physical comfort. Moon energies can be draining or  can make us feel rowdy and erratic. If you have people in your life who are sensitive to the moons activity you have probably noticed some changes in mood or behavior during these cycles. Here is how I have learned to support myself and my family during this time.

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5 Stretches to Prevent Your Desk Job from Killing You

If you work at a desk all day, chances are you suffer from stiffness or even pain from repetitive motion (or lack of moving around). If you have done this for years you may, like I did have chronic pain that is always lingering.  Fortunately just a few easy stretches each day can really alleviate a lot of these aches and pains and even eliminate them all together!

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Easy Everyday Ways to Lower Waste Production

Do you ever think about what happens to your trash after it gets picked up from the curb? Even though I'm conscious of what we throw out and definitely recycle I am still learning that the amount of waste we produce highly exceeds what is both necessary and manageable by our planet. Here are some simple, conscious changes that you can easily make that will help reduce landfill waste and be kinder to the environment without completely disrupting your life.

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