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Reclaim the Rest of Your Year

Woah! Can you believe that the last quarter of the year is just around the corner? If you are anything like me you spend so much time with your head down, nose to the grind-stone that time flies in a blink! That’s awesome, but I’ve found that busyness doesn’t always mean I’m productive so I’m taking some time this week to regroup and make sure that I’m on track to accomplish my goals for the year. Feeling unsure of where you stand in the goal crushing category? Keep reading and let’s slay this last quarter together!

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Choosing a Guiding Word for the New Year

I’ve always been a planner and a goal digger, and each year I plan and write down goals for the upcoming year. This year I learned about a way to focus those goals around the higher intention you have for your life and I wanted to share that concept with you. It’s called choosing a guiding word and it begins with asking yourself some questions before you start to make your annual plans.

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