What Being Healthy Really Means

Health to most people means, “not being sick.” However, the World Health Organization defines true health as not only physical wellbeing, but  also includes, mental, social, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing.

In today’s society, there is a lot of emphasis on maintaining physical health, but most of us forget to spend time looking after these other areas of wellbeing.

If we are going to take a look at how healthy we are, we must consider how we are looking after the “whole of us” and not just our bodies.

Being healthy means taking time to consider those areas of our lives that we tend to neglect and finding ways to care for them.


When we fail to do this, it causes stress in our lives and bodies. Carrying too much stress creates constant physical symptoms if we do not learn how to de-stress.

We (as women especially) often care for the needs of others in before caring for ourselves. Self-care is not selfish! It is a vital way of ensuring that our bodies are healthy in a holistic sense. We choose to go to the gym after work, which may seem to be caring for our physical body, but if it is something we want to do and we like to do, it will produce health benefits to our mental and social well-being. If we would like to study in a course that interests us as personal development, but consider ourselves too busy to enroll in a course without attempting to reschedule our time, we are neglecting our intellectual health.

Giving ourselves permission, and making self-care a priority is the first step in the journey true health. It is not only important for us personally, it influences our roles as partners, as parents and as colleagues at work. It helps determine our productivity, our ability to enjoy life and to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers us.

When we bring this holistic attitude into our lives and start making better lifestyle choices, we are on our way to what being “healthy” really means!


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Tina KempaComment