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5 "Health" Foods I No Longer Buy

I’ve always been concerned about my health and strived to create the healthiest body I could for myself. But over the last couple of years despite my best efforts I was gaining weight and starting to have some serious health problems. I was so discouraged because I was trying SO HARD to be healthy. As I researched how this could be happening I discovered some things that I was eating that were actually sabotaging my efforts. They were common ‘health’ foods that many people in my life eat regularly (as did I) and they actually worked against my health goals. I’m sharing them with you in case you are having the same struggles I did.

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15 Ways You Can Use Frankincense Oil Today

Frankincense is known as the KING of Oils for it's many incredible health benefits. It's often passed over because of it's higher price, but it is an exceptionally versatile oil to have in your home. It does go on sale every once in a while so if price is a concern keep an eye out for those times when you can get it for free or discounted and snag it. This is the one oil everyone should have in their home!

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