Your Money Story = Your Income


Did you know that your money story (what you believe about what you need to do to be successful, and how deserving you believe you are of having money) all work either for or against you when it comes to how much money you actually have?


Did you know that the ease (or difficulty) of how money comes to you has less to do with how hard you work for it than how much you believe it’s available to you? It’s true and I really wish someone would have taught me this concept much, much earlier so I’m here to share it with you!


Let me paint a picture for you. Have you ever had a job that you absolutely hate? In this job you feel stressed out, overwhelmed and trapped. No matter what you do you can’t seem to get out of this soul sucking hole you are in.  Then one day - completely out of the blue - an opportunity comes along that changes everything. It could either be a plan B side hustle, a new job that looks and sounds like everything you ever wanted, or the opportunity to quit working entirely (like winning the lottery, inheritance, starting your own biz etc.)  and all of a sudden your energy around your hellish job changes. Although nothing at work has changed but all of a sudden a weight has been lifted and you have choices. Suddenly you are choosing to go to work instead of having to go to that job. All the power has shifted and you are no longer trapped in that job but you have options on your own terms.


Now pay attention here. Close your eyes and imagine the scenario. Can you tap into that feeling of change? Can you feel the energy shift I’m talking about? Do you remember what it felt like to have options? That energy right there is what opens the door to money flowing into your life.


You don’t actually have to wait for an opportunity like I mentioned above to come and rescue you from your current situation. You just have to understand and believe that you have options in order for your energy to change.


Here is where you start to listen to your money story. Listen to what you are telling yourself about how you make and keep money. Let me share some of my old and self destructive money stories and see if you can relate:


Making money is HARD

I never have enough money or I have only enough money to pay my bills but never any extra

You have to have a college degree to make a decent living

I can’t afford that

In order to get ahead I have to work harder and longer than anyone else. I have to be willing to do the things that no one else will do.


These are just a few of the lies I told myself for years that kept me broke, exhausted and perpetually frustrated when it came to money. I also want you to know that not only was I suffering financially because of these false beliefs but my health was also negatively affected. I had chronic anxiety, insomnia, I couldn’t maintain a healthy weight, I was angry and depressed. And because of all that my interpersonal relationships were affected. I was stressed, snippy, fearful and people who were close to me felt it. The saddest part of this story is that none of it ever had to be that way.


We are creators. We create our lives good or bad based on what we believe to be true in our hearts and that affects what we say and do. In order to change our situation we need to really be able to hear what we are telling ourselves and then be willing to accept that we were created to be prosperous and positively impact our world.


If you believe making money is hard then you need to do the inner work that needs to happen to change that belief. Until you change it making money will always be difficult. Read some books, listen to some speakers, get around people who understand that money is energy and is attracted to you by your own energy. Change your money story and harness the power of your mind and beliefs to open the door to abundance into your life and it will come.


I promise you that if you do this work it will positively change not only your financial health but your physical health, your relationships and your mental health as well. You cannot live at your full potential until you believe that everything including money is available to you. Then and only then do all doors open to you! Use these affirmations to start rewriting your money story right now!