Sunday Rituals for a Productive Week

I seriously have the busiest schedule. The truth is I have a lot on my plate so I consciously do some very specific things every weekend that help me to keep my energy high, my focus where it needs to be and my stress levels lower so I can function at my best. I usually spend my Sunday doing these things and I see it as an act of self care - not as chores. These rituals set me up for the best week possible. They may seem silly and simple but the truth is for a very long time I let things that I needed to do for me slide in favor of things I needed to do for everyone else. That left me always behind the eight-ball, trying to catch up and feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Today I carve out Sunday afternoons for these things to lower my stress and have a great week.


Wash, Dry, Fold, Put Away all my Laundry


Really, I’m not trying to sound like your mom, but if you don’t do all these steps you will be wasting so much time during the week looking for your clothes. I never realized the importance of this until I started noticing how much added stress I had when I couldn’t find what I needed to get dressed in the morning. Starting the week with everything clean and put away makes weekday mornings so much easier. It also keeps my room cleaner and less cluttered and that helps my anxiety and productivity also. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind!


Clean Out the Refrigerator


This tip has made my life SO MUCH easier! Every Sunday I completely empty the refrigerator and get rid of anything that is expired, old leftovers, and anything that no one is eating. I wash all the containers, wipe down the shelves and freeze any fruit or veggies that won’t last another week. [*Side note: Freezing those items that are still good but not fresh enough for anyone to choose to eat helps us not to waste any food and save money. I use those things in cooking or smoothies in the future and I am able to buy less frozen food that is expensive and usually comes in plastic packaging I want to avoid.] There is something so satisfying about having a clean refrigerator and I’m instantly inspired to fill it up with fresh food for the upcoming week.


Grocery Shop


Again, super simple but let’s face it, how many times have you skipped grocery shopping on the weekend and began a new work week without food for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Starting Monday morning with everything I need to make healthy meals for the week without trying to scrounge around makes my life so much more productive and saves me tons of time and mental energy. It also helps me to avoid expensive and fattening drive through food not just for me but for the whole family because if there is no food in the house we will all be looking for food we can pick up.


I hate shopping on the weekends so I discovered that if I go right around 4pm on Sunday night there is hardly anyone in the store. That allows me enough time for a quick shop and put away sesh and I’m feeling ahead of the game for the week. Now my fridge is fully stocked with anything I need to eat for the week and cooking becomes a creative act rather than a chore.


Pay My Bills

Every Sunday I go through my bills and pay what needs to be taken care of for the week. Then I have no midweek surprises or ‘oh crap’ moments. My mind is clear throughout the week to focus on all the things I need to do and places I need to be without scrambling to take care of my bills. It also helps me when I need to call about a bill (errors or questions), I can schedule that into my week ahead of time and I’m again avoiding stress and I can have everything I need with me when I need to make that call.



Wash My Bedding


My bed is my sacred space. Every week I wash my sheets and bedding and use lavender essential oil when I dry them so that when I get into bed it’s fresh, clean and relaxing. My bed is a welcoming haven at the end of the day and making sure I keep it that way is one of the ways I take good care of myself during the week.


Clean Out My Briefcase, Purse & Car


After a long week and busy weekend all these things can collect junk. In order to have free mental space I have started making sure to start the week with a clean briefcase, purse and car. It makes me feel accomplished and capable before I even get started for the week. It also usually reminds me of things I may have forgotten about that I can make sure to schedule into my week. For example, I may have forgotten about an item in my briefcase that I need to make sure I do next week or I may have found something my daughter may need to have for school in the car. If weather allows it wash your car too. A clean car does wonders for my mindset during the week!


Again, all these tips are super simple but making a Sunday ritual of doing them keeps me from having moments of panic during the week that can make life feel overwhelming. When I am running from appointments with no time in between, discovering something in the back seat of my car that needs to be at my kids school can completely derail my day. It causes me frustration and often makes me feel incompetent. These simple steps actually do the opposite. They inspire me, make me feel like I’ve actually got my *ish together and boost my confidence about my ability to crush my week ahead.


I’d love to hear what rituals you have that make your week easier! Share in the comments!