This resource page is designed specifically for my teammates to help you grow your biz! We can easily get lost in the interweb of online suggestions of resources that you 'need' to grow your business. To help you have a direct link to resources that I actually use and recommend for beginners I have created this page. I will continue to add to it for you as I find valuable resources for our team. Enjoy!

Video Instruction:

How to Enroll a New Member   

Biz Tools Video  

doTERRA Compensation Plan Explained

doTERRA Product Claims  Approved Claims List   Quick Claims Guide    

doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Explained    ALWAYS order LRP so you qualify for commissions (and free product)  


How Do I Become a doTERRA Member?  

New Customer Oil Education Path    

Starting Your Biz Basics   

Spoil Me Promo Inserts
 Note: This is a shared document with everyone on our team. Please download to your own drive before editing or it will change the document that everyone uses. Thank you!

Spoil Me Supply List

Welcome Letter/Email 

How to set up an email template in gmail

Share Success Tools (free, online, step-by-step guides with videos for your clients and builders) I don't necessarily recommend purchasing the app I didn't find it super helpful for me. Note: You can now purchase the same full color guides in your doTERRA Back Office. Just search GUIDE in the global search bar and they will show up in your search results. You can add them to any order you place and have them delivered with your regular order.

Biz Tools:

Aroma Tools - Aromatools.com 

Essential Oil Guides:

Essential Oil Basics HERE

Essential Oils 101 Quick Guide HERE

Dilutions, Measurements & Safety Guide HERE

Bottle Cap Labels - You can purchase full sheets of essential oil bottle cap stickers from doTERRA. BUT if you want to purchase sheets of specific oils (for instance for the spoil me promo) I would suggest going to Aroma Tools  for that.

Class Resources doTERRA Back Office - Search for Class in global search

Class in a Box - Class in a box is a wonderful way to get everything you need for a class of 10 people or less. It is only $25. Search BOX in the global search to order it.

doTERRA Resources

New User Experience    

doTERRA Samples - In your Back Office search SAMPLE and you will find the samples that you can purchase for giveaways. I also purchase Breathe drops and On Guard drops and give those away onsie-twosie as samples. You can do the same with the PB Assist Jr. since they are individually wrapped.

doTERRA Online Business Resources - Use the doTERRA website under the ADVOCATE section. It is a wealth of information for you.

Drams for samples: I shop Amazon it's so much cheaper. Also 1/4" drams are the perfect size (you don't need bigger for samples) I only add 5 drops in a sample dram - that's good for 1 diffuser use or a couple of topical uses.

50 1/4" drams - Prime

100 1/4" drams - Prime

Roller Bottles - I prefer the Olilia Brand because I find they leak less than others. I get them on Amazon. These are the ones I prefer:

Amber Only - These are great for membership overviews to give to new clients

4 Color Pack - I use these for gifts and when I make a special roller for a new client gift. I will often put a vinyl label on these to make them pretty. (see my Etsy recommendations below) 

Frosted Clear Glass with Silver Tops  - Also good for gifts & labels  

Metal Colors - High End Rollers - special gifts




EO&Such - Make sure you are purchasing doTERRA branded supplies. They do offer other brands so you want to make sure you get flashcards etc. that correlate to your specific products.

EO Tools - Labels, Class Ideas, Labels, Etc.

My Fav Etsy Sites:

I use Etsy to get my biz cards (make sure you order doTERRA compliant cards) vinyl labels for roller bottles, mailing labels for packages, organza bags etc. Here are a couple of suppliers I have used and like:

GraySky Matters - vinyl labels

White House Creative - biz cards

Vinyl Designs by Kayla - doTERRA car sticker


Recommended Reading:

Get Over Your Damn Self: The No BS Blueprint to Building a Life Changing Business - Romi Neustadt   Audible  Kindle  Print

You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life - Jen Sincero  Audible  Kindle  Print   

You Are A Badass Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth - Jen Sincero   Audible  Kindle  Print

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level - Gay Hendricks  Audible  Kindle  Print