Defining Your Why

At the risk of sounding cliche' right off the bat I truly believe that you have to have a very solid WHY to get you started and keep you going.


I have probably read more 'success building' books, listened to more podcasts and speakers and gone to biz building seminars than most people. My first job at 15 was the local Avon lady (girl) so I have literally grown up learning how to build a business. I can tell you that as many do, I almost always skipped this part of the learning process. I would think to myself, I want it, I don't need to layout a why - but I was wrong. It's really important to define your why for 2 reasons:

1. You will need it on the tough days

Let's be honest, if this type of work was easy - everyone would be doing it. Stepping outside the box, putting yourself out there and telling the world around you that you want more from life can be scary, make you feel vulnerable and exposed and sometimes even be embarrassing. Basic psychology will tell you that if something is uncomfortable your brain will work very hard to keep you safe and talk you out of doing it. Without a why that you want MORE than you don't want to be uncomfortable you simply won't accomplish it. It's really that simple and 100% the truth. Without realizing it, without trying and despite what you think you want, slowly, over time your comfort seeking brain will talk you out of reaching for the stars because it's safe and comfortable right where you are. (Or so you tell yourself) 

You need to think about your why, believe you can and will have it and you need to plaster it everywhere you can see it until your brain gets comfortable with the idea of it. 

Meditate and envision your why. Write it out on paper - then do it again, and again, and again. Post it on your mirror, wall, phone screen - I even have alarms on my phone that remind me of my why. Don't shy away from this step - it's imperative to your success.

2. You will need to share it with others

Understanding your own why and being able to effectively communicate it with others is what will draw people to you so you never have to recruit. Think about it, have you ever listened to someone tell you about something they love? They always have a whole bunch of why's and they can back up every bit of what they love with tons of them.

Which one of these approaches appeals to you the most?

Sue, I've just started a new business that I really want to share with you. It has an amazing compensation plan, tons of room for growth and phenomenal products!!! Why don't you join my team and we can build a business together?

Not bad - but not alluring either right? That is a recruiting pitch. Instead, how about this?

Oh my goodness Sue! I have to tell you about this new thing I'm doing! Ok, so you know how much I hate getting up at the crack of dawn every day and waking the kids up that early only to drop them at daycare. And you know I really, really wish I could be a stay at home mom with them, and you know how interested I am in natural stuff so I found this amazing opportunity that will help me earn money part time until I can quit my job and it's using products that are better for my family so it's a win-win! Isn't that so exciting??? I really can't wait to tell you about it because I know how much you want to (xyz) and when I heard about this I thought of you right away! Maybe this is something we could even do together! How amazing would that be????

Now whether or not Sue is interested in joining your team there is no way she can be negative about your decision. If she can she's not a friend right? But by sharing your why with Sue this way it will get her thinking about why she would want to either support you or join you and get all the same amazing benefits for herself too. Your why is essential to helping others see their own why's and when you can dream build, you can team build!


So take a few minutes now and write out your why. Don't shy away from it. If it is trying to hide from you work at uncovering it, but don't stop until you find it. Write it down and review it every morning and night and soon it will be always at the surface so you can genuinely and generously share it and your opportunity with those you care about.