Aromatherapy Jewelry: Uses & Benefits

Ever wish you could bring your diffuser with you to work? How about on a flight (or better yet in TSA check in!) Have you ever been in a public situation that you wished you had the physical and/or emotional support of your oils to keep you calm, or give you courage? Maybe you wished you could douse someone else with your oils cuz a sister seriously needs it?!

Girlfriend, it’s time to grab you some aromatherapy jewelry and make that magic liquid MOBILE!


Aromatherapy Jewelry is so much more than accent pieces for your outfit. If you’ve seen my post on The Science of Diffusing you know that diffusing essential oils is highly beneficial to your health but you may not know that aromatherapy jewelry is a way for you to carry the healing power of essential oils with you to aid both yourself and others in difficult situations.


When we apply oils topically on the body either "neat" (without a carrier oil) or with oil or lotion they help us both through the aromatic qualities and by dissolving into the bloodstream through the skin. But just like perfumes when you apply oils to the body they absorb and the aromatherapy benefits dissipate over time. Using aromatherapy jewelry is a way to keep those aromatic qualities close to the body and effective for longer periods of time.


Why Wear Aromatherapy Jewelry?


So you can bring the healing power of essential oils with you on the go into areas where you can’t control the environment or where the environment effects your health. You can bring calming oils, immune boosting oils, oils that inspire courage, oils to prevent or soothe headaches, etc. with you to places like school, work, the mall, airplanes, conferences, and more. Anywhere you would go where you could use support you can bring your oils by wearing them in your jewelry.

Aromatherapy jewelry also effects the environment around you so if you want to change the environment you can wear aromatherapy jewelry and also impact the wellbeing of those around you - cool right?

Types of Aromatherapy Jewelry


You can find aromatherapy jewelry for your hair, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. If you are at all creative you can even make your own. There are a couple of types of materials that are used for aromatherapy jewelry most often. If you are interested in ideas check out this pinterest board I created


Lava Rock

This is one of the most popular materials for aromatherapy jewelry because it is natural and porous so it absorbs oils easily. The nice thing about lava rock is that the oils dissipate by the end of the day and are ready to reapply oils the following day. You can use different oils each day if you want. When buying lava rock jewelry be sure to purchase high quality beads. You want pure lava rock, not something that looks like it for best results. When you apply oils to lava rock, rub it in and let the oils absorb before you bring it in contact with your clothes to avoid any staining. I would also use carrier oil for those oils that can cause skin sensitivity.


Terracotta Clay

The process for making terracotta hard requires a couple of firings. Terracotta jewelry is fired so it is hard, but not completed so it is still porous and will accept oils. I have not used this type of jewelry personally so I can’t tell you if aromas linger, but it is a very popular option so I imagine is works quite well. You apply the same way as lava rock making sure to let it absorb before you interact with your clothing.


Metal Diffusers

I really like this type of jewelry because it comes in many different finishes like traditional jewelry. It works much like a locket and felt pads are used inside for the essential oils. Typically this jewelry comes with the felt pads in a variety of colors so you can coordinate with your outfit and use the felt pads for multiple oils. Replacement pads are usually readily available and inexpensive. Metal diffuser jewelry options are some of the more expensive types of aromatherapy jewelry usually costing $20 or more.


Wood and Unpolished Natural Stone

I have made some of my own jewelry with both unfinished wood and unpolished natural stones and both work very well as aromatherapy jewelry with a more natural aesthetic when I don’t want to wear a metal diffuser. I also find it quite therapeutic making my own jewelry! Here is an example of one of the ones I made myself.

So hopefully I've convinced you to try some aromatherapy jewelry for yourself! This time of year it's also a great gift option for the essential oil lovers in your life (or those you want to introduce to them!)

Be Well!