How to Lift your Vibe when Work is Tough


No matter what you do, or how much you love doing it, occasionally working can bring you down. Sometimes just having a busy practice with lots of good stuff going on can get overwhelming and negative thoughts can creep up on you.

I’ve had some really crazy stuff happen this year in my personal life. It has been so stressful and has pulled me in many different directions. There was a time I was only able to work very part time, yet my clients still needed and depended on me and the stress was incredible.

During that time I realized my attitude was really starting to suffer. I became very irritable, short-tempered and negative. As you can imagine, a bad attitude isn’t great for business. In reflecting on this time I realized that this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this type of situation at work. My husband was sick a few years ago and work became very difficult for me to handle during that time. I started hating my job, not because it was bad, I was just maxed out. I know that in years past I have quit my job out of exhaustion and frustration and if I’m honest, my quitting had less to do with the job than my ability to handle everything going on in my life. This time I had my own business though and quitting wasn’t an option so I had to learn how to deal AND thrive.


What I Learned


Practice Gratitude:
Especially For The Annoying Things

Let’s be honest. There are parts of every job we don’t necessarily love, but they need to be done. There are also clients that get emotional and don’t always behave the way we prefer our clients to. When I am stressed to the max I don’t handle this stuff very well. This year I learned that if I can find something in those situations that I can be grateful for I can raise my vibe enough where I can truly appreciate the person or thing I need to address. By viewing that person or thing from a place of gratitude I can handle it better AND not impede my progress. The truth is, if we  want success in our businesses and relationships bitterness, anger and frustration are the biggest blocks to that success.  Not only are they blocks but they are poison and produce more of the same energy and result in our lives so the faster we turn that stuff around the happier and more successful we will be.


#LevelUp Tip - I like to diffuse doTERRA Forgive Blend during my gratitude practice. This blend is my absolute favorite and I use it every day at work so by using it during my gratitude practice I anchor feelings of gratitude to this smell and when I then smell it at work it invokes those same feelings.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice
Don’t Say Anything at All

I’m not the only person who struggles with their mouth am I? As I get older my control has gotten better but when I’m stressed my mouth is the first thing to open up and spew crap.  As I said before, negativity is a poison and we create what we speak so if you can’t say something nice, learn to keep your mouth shut. One of the things I started doing was writing down what crappy stuff I wanted to say. When I wrote it down I could see it and start to question it. It’s not enough to just write it out and let it hang there as is, you have to question it and then make it right. For instance, if you want to write down that your whole life everything has sucked since the first time you opened your eyes, maybe that is how you are feeling right now and that’s fine but it’s also not true. If you let yourself believe that you will create more of a sucky life for yourself - don’t do that! Instead write it out and start to question it you will find that you have had a bunch of happy moments in your life that you can be grateful for. That in fact your whole life hasn’t sucked and you are just feeling overwhelmed with your current situation. From there you can come to a point of understanding that life has ups and downs and this is a valley but it will pass. It’s then that you want to start talking and speaking about how your life is already changing for the better. Once your belief is that your bad mood can turn around. Science also shows that this type of thinking lowers your stress hormones and enables you to problem solve better so you CAN get out of that funky place.


#LevelUp Tip - doTERRA Peace blend is a calming aromatherapy blend that can promote a sense of peace while you use it. Place two drops in your palms, rub together and cup your hands over your mouth and nose as you take a deep breath. Do this a couple of times to help you as you journal and work your way out of a negative space.


Get Help

Admit when you need help and get it. I hope that sounds simple because it really is. Hire someone to help you at home so you can free yourself up. Get someone to clean for you, be there for the kids after school, or whatever you need to give yourself a bit of a break right now. This doesn’t need to be a lifetime commitment, it’s support for now. If work is too crazy, hire a temp to help you get caught up, hire out services like lawn cutting, grocery delivery, or meal prep to lighten your load. Whatever you do, don’t sit and complain about how overwhelmed you are. Talk to a good friend or your spouse and put your heads together so you can find some actionable solutions to help get you through the hard stuff and then put them into action.


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Let Go of Expectations

Decide what you can just let go of. We all have lot’s of ‘shoulds’ in our lives that really aren’t based on anything concrete. If you’ve got a bunch of those let yourself off the hook. For a time, just focus on what’s important and you will be surprised how many of those nagging ‘shoulds’ that weigh you down will disappear. If, when things lighten up you want to incorporate them into your life again you can, but in my experience many of those things never return because I realize what little value they really have in my life after I’ve let them go.


#LevelUp Tip - doTERRA Console Blend is a perfect compliment to this type of brainstorming. Diffuse it while you journal and discover those nasty ‘shoulds’


Dream A Little Dream

When work is tough is really the time you need to spend envisioning yourself doing your dream job. You need to see yourself loving work, loving your clients and sharing your amazing talent with the world on a grand scale. Make sure you do this EVERY DAY, especially when work is hard. Major shifts happen when you can really see what you want to achieve. When you can see it in your minds eye and feel it in your heart you will find your vibe begin to soar. Your confidence will be raised and your attitude will instantly change for the better.


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These are ways I turn the tables on negativity and keep my vibe high. I'd love to hear what you do too! Share below!