Hugs in Mugs

This time of year I love relaxing with a warm, cozy, hot mug. Unfortunately, I have learned to recognize that my body dislikes caffeine so despite my love affair with a warm cappuccino or hot latte, I’ve had to learn to move toward alternatives that suit my body better.


I’ve created my own Pinterest board [HERE] with recipes for myself so come join me and follow along as I continue to add to it!


Here are a few of my new favorites:


Hot Apple Cider - this time of year I can pick up fresh cider at my local grocery store. I love to heat it up with a cinnamon stick.


Chai Tea latte - I know this does have a little bit of caffeine but it’s my absolute favorite coffee alternative so I have one once in awhile. I make mine non-dairy with almond milk and I always use tea bags (Tazo Chai Tea) not a powder mix to keep it cleaner. Sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg on top and it’s just as good as a coffeehouse version.


London Fog - If you haven’t tried this yet, put it on your list! I love tea with milk (I prefer almond) and a hint of lavender puts it over the top! You can buy lavender infused tea but I use lavender essential oil of course! 1 drop is plenty. If you are using loose leaf tea you can add it directly to the tea and let it sit a while to infuse. Then add to your tea ball and let it steep.


Ginger Tea - Excellent for indigestion and detoxifying the body, but I’m kind of a ginger nut so I like to have this in the morning to start my day. It’s a great pick-me-up and warming to the body on cold mornings.


Hot Cocoa - I make mine with Almond milk. Have one after dinner for a sweet, warm treat to end your night!


I hope you enjoyed this post and want to join me in expanding your hot drink repertoire! There is so much more to life than coffee!