TWL January Read - She's Still There

If you follow my facebook page you may have seen that I have a 2018 goal to read at least one new book each month. So of course I’m already reading three (overachiever much? lol!)


I wanted to share with you one of the books this month that I think is a perfect January read. It speaks to so much of what I have been experiencing as a woman in my mid forties and I know so many other women wrestle with too.


She’s Still There

Chrystal Evans Hurst


Have you ever been so focused on putting one foot in front of the other just to get through each agonizing day only to look up and not know where you are or how you got there? I have. Have you ever felt like life was a rushing river that swept you up and carried you so far away from what you planned that life was nearly unrecognizable? Yes I have!


Sometimes it seems like we have drifted so far off course that there is no way back to life as we would like it. Often it is because things that cross our path snag us and carry us away in a tornado of circumstances that are beyond our control. This book not only addressed this type of derailment but helped put things in perspective for me. It gave me hope that I had the power to set my course right again.




Sometimes it’s so tempting to throw in the towel, lower our standards for life and give up on our hopes and dreams. But that isn’t what life is for, life is for living, learning and sharing and this book is like a chat with a good friend that gives you a much needed kick in the behind.


I also love that this book encourages us to take note of the way we were designed as individuals, honor those special traits and needs and nurture them. All too often we can sacrifice our own lives, wants and needs in service to others. We lose sight of ourselves, the person God made us to be and in doing so we allow the sands of time and business of life to bury the special person we are.


This book will encourage you to rediscover yourself, listen to your spirit and nurture the special gifts you were given that are much needed in this world.




I think the thing I loved about this book the most was the solid reminder that life is a journey, meant to be lived but not perfected. I know I struggle with perfectionist tendencies and I often need the reminder that no one has arrived, nor should we have. The journey is the point, enjoy it, experience it, share it.




I hope I have inspired you to pick up this book. Here is a link to the page for the book (I ‘read’ mine on audible and it’s narrated by the author) Here is a trailer about the book from the author herself


I have had several aha moments consuming this book as well as quite a few gentle reminders. This book spoke to my soul and was a beautiful way to start the new year for me. I really hope you read it and enjoy it. If you do make sure you find me on facebook and share with me how it spoke to you too!