A Twist on Shower Melts

It’s cold and flu season and I have shower melts on the brain.


Shower melts are a wonderful way to open the airways with steam and essential oils when you are congested and don’t have time for a warm soak in a tub.


But they are also great for other uses too! Ever feel like you can’t wake up in the morning and need a little energy boost?


How about a warm soothing shower to relax you before a much needed night sleep?


What about a luxurious shower before a special date night to make you feel pretty?


Or even a special part of a self care routine?


Today I’m here to give you all those options! Your showers will never be the same!


Basic Recipe

1 cup baking soda

½ cup epsom salts

Water in a spray bottle


Mix baking soda, epsom salts and essential oils together in a bowl until thoroughly combined. Add your choice of oils, coloring and even flowers. Then spray water into the mixture a little at a time until it is the consistency of wet sand.


Pack the mixture into molds and let dry overnight.


Sinus Relief

Eucalyptus - Lavender, Peppermint & Menthol

I love to add a couple of drops of green and blue food coloring to these to make them a pretty blue/green color



Wild Orange,  Peppermint & Rosemary

Add some yellow and red food coloring to make these orange


Sleepy Time

Serenity & Cedarwood

Add some blue and red food coloring to make these purple. Or add a little bit of dried lavender buds to the uncolored mixture (or both!)


Love is in the Air

Sandalwood, Citrus Bliss, Ylang-Ylang

Add some dried rose petals to make it pretty


Me Time

Frankincense & Wild Orange

Add some dried flower petals to this mixture


So I hope you love these ideas to kick your showers up a notch!

I've even created a free printable for you with the complete recipes!

Get your own copy here: