Featured Friend - Jennifer Kupcho

I am so excited to introduce you to my beautiful friend Jen! She is a Spiritual Mindset Coach and hosts the Facebook Group Healthy Woman: Mindset & Manifesting Your Life. I want to encourage you to check out her group if you are interested in personal growth, positive thinking and meeting other women doing the same!

Jen is an amazingly talented woman and I'm so happy to have met her! I'm currently taking her American Sign Language Course and LOVING it!!
Check her out - you will be so glad you did!

Facebook Address: www.facebook.com/groups/healthywomanmanifest

Instagram Username: jkupcho24

What is your job title or job description: Spiritual Mindset Coach

What is it that you REALLY do?: I work with women to become clear and aligned with listening to their inner guide (their -ing) in their relationship, career, mindset, parenting and goals. They learn to recognize the false beliefs we have been led to internalize through the voice of our ego, put them to rest and live by the guide of their inner spirit. Our ego can only survive when we are in pain and it loves to feed us feelings of unworthiness, guilt, resentment, separateness and judgement. It is our purpose in life to live through joy and ease, not pain. However, we can use our pain as a resource to learn and grow. And the good news is the pain is only temporary. It is actually something to get excited about. I tell them, "If you are unhappy, you are in the right place," because they have outgrown old beliefs that no longer fit them. Through our coaching sessions they find clarity, release pain, choose love and find their balance again.

How / When did you get started?: I've been seeing a coach regularly for the last three years. I was suffering from chronic daily migraines, taking anti-seizure medication, clinically depressed and unhappy most of the time when I finally decided there had to be another way. I was determined to find it. Today I continue to walk the walk - not just talk the talk with my girls ;). We are all on the same journey, traveling the same path of enlightenment. I honor those I learn from by passing the knowledge to those who learn from me. I have been coaching for over a year now, but I officially opened myself up to taking on new clients this past summer.

What's your next big thing?: My next big thing? Hmm....that is a hard one because I don't know what is in my future. I now proclaim that I am a recovering perfectionist. Truly. I've spent much of my life trying to do everything perfecting. In fear that I wouldn't. Couldn't. I tried to plan it all out. Make it happen. Today I am living life a very different life. I meditate, I journal, I pray and I open myself up to receiving the 'download' meant for me. My next big thing....I don't have a definite answer, but I will tell you I have found myself journaling (more than once) about writing a book and I've found myself dreaming numerous time of talking to large numbers of people. It felt right. I feel aligned and excited, so it could very well be in my future. The best part? I don't need to worry about how it will happen, or when it will happen. I just need to believe it will happen.

What's the ONE THING you would like to share with my audience?: It doesn't have to be hard. It isn't complicated. Don't be scared if it feels 'too easy.' It is easy. It is simply about living through love and joy and rejecting fear.

What's your favorite thing to do?: This is a hard one: Write. Read. Create. Paint. Sew. Dance. Interpret songs in sign language.

What's your sign?: Gemini

What's your spirit emoji?: sparkle stars and ILY (I love you in American Sign Language)

Thing you NEVER leave the house without: My phone. I listen to my audio books on it. Listen to music. Post lessons on line and connect with my family and clients.

Fav thing about being an entrepreneur: Surrounding myself with unbelievably positive, creative, motivated, empowering, high vibration women.

Inspired most by?: People who continue to educate and challenge themselves. Who forever evolve and grow and reach out to empower others to do the same.

One thing about you that might surprise others: 
I have a master's in Deaf Education and sign fluently.

2017 Goals: Continue to coach others. Grow my practice. Challenge myself and those around me. Inspire my children to know they are both enough, but also push for more. Be the teacher. Be the learner. Love myself and everyone around me. Reject fear. Be present. Live in a state of happiness and excitement.

Want to shout out anyone in your circle? Leave their name and contact info below and I'll contact them about being featured & shout them out on your feature!: I will definitely give a shout out to two beautiful souls I started coaching with. It is their mission to support and empower women: Geri Isaacs and Jessica Conley.

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