15 Ways To Use Lavender Oil Today

You bought that lavender essential oil - now are you using it? Here are 15 ways you can get started using it today!

1. Mascara - one drop in a new tube of mascara acts as an eyelash serum, making your lashes long and healthy. The antiseptic qualities of lavender will keep your mascara fresh and prohibit microbial growth that leads to eye infections, styes, etc. 

2. Linen Spray - a few drops of lavender in a water bottle sprayed on linens freshens the bed and the room.

3. Soothe Minor Eczema - to raw shea butter add a couple drops of lavender and apply to skin. Lavender will relieve skin irritation and itching and help the skin repair itself. Combine with a healthy diet for best results.

4. Anxiety - 1 to 2 drops in fractionated coconut oil rubbed on the bottom of the feet helps soothe and calm anxious bodies and minds. Safe for everyone, babies, kids, adults and seniors. Diffusing is also an option that helps your pets too!

5.   Soothe Rashes - Lavender is wonderful on skin irritations. A drop or two in fractionated coconut oil rubbed on irritated skin helps to soothe rashes and reduce inflammation.

6. Fall Asleep - Diffuse or dilute and apply topically on the body to aide relaxation and promote sleep. This is a great option for little ones that fight sleep or have difficulty settling down.

7. Relaxing Bath - Add about 6 drops to warm bath water for a non-toxic, relaxing, luxurious bath. Add 1/2 cup epsom salts to kick it up another notch and boost detoxification.

8. Relieve Bronchial Spasms - A lavender steam can be used by some asthmatics even during an attack. Lavender promotes clear breathing and aides in relaxation of lung spasms.

9. Healthy Hair & Scalp - add a few drops to your shampoo bottle to promote hair and scalp health. Lavender aides with hair growth too!

10. Soothe Scrapes - Use a lavender roller bottle over scrapes to soothe and promote faster healing. You can kick it up a notch by adding Frankincense and Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil)

11. Cold Sores - To aloe vera gel add Melaleuca and Lavender and apply to cold sores throughout the day as long as the sore persists to aide in faster healing. We use this one at our house and those that suffer from cold sores swear by the cooling, soothing, gel!

12.  Soothe Menstrual Cramps - To a warm compress or heating pad cover add 4 to 5 drops of lavender and place on the affected areas (abdomen, back, etc.). Lavender soothes the mind and body and aides in reducing inflammation.

13. Freshen Laundry - Add 2 to 3 drops to wool dryer balls instead of using toxic dryer sheets or fabric softener. Your laundry (and house) will smell amazing and the wool balls soften your clothes. 

14. Soothe Minor Burns - To aloe vera gel (for cooling) add a drop or two of lavender and apply to minor burns. Lavender will help reduce inflammation, support skin repair and soothe your pain and nerves.

15. Bug Bite Relief - Use a roller bottle with lavender oil over bug bites and stings to reduce inflammation and relieve itching. Kick it up a notch by adding peppermint oil too.

As you can see Lavender essential oil is incredibly versatile and you can and should be using it regularly. So dust off that bottle and start using it today!