Winter Warming Lotion

Winter is in full swing here in Chicagoland and cold hands and feet are a struggle every day.


As I learn more about aromatherapy and the different effects of essential oils on the body I have been exploring  ways for utilizing them for warmth. Winter is so rough on my friends with Reynaud’s who suffer so much from the cold. Once they get chilled they start to experience pain that lingers and as the temperature drops to zero and below they are plagued with discomfort for days and weeks on end.


So this weekend I was playing around with warming blends and came up with a great mix and a usage hack I needed to share!  I’m all about hacks and shortcuts. Don’t get me wrong I love crafts and diy’s but I really don’t have time for big projects so I’m always looking for ways to get the same results in shorter time. While I was making this gift project for my friends I came up with a better, quicker way to utilize what is more easily available.  Instead of making my own lotion mixture with shea butter, coconut oil etc. decided to make an essential oil blend that I could make ahead and add to my unscented lotion when I want to use it. Check it out!


Warming Blend Recipe

Add these essential oils to an empty 5/8” dram. (Label it so you know what’s in there later.)


10 drops Frankincense - amplifies the other oil properties & great for skin rejuvenation

5 drops Black Pepper - warming & stimulates circulation

5 drops Juniper Berry - anti inflammatory

6 drops Cardamom - warming

5 drops Lavender - soothes and is an adaptogen

3 drops Wild Orange - uplifting


To Use:

I love the doTERRA Spa unscented hand lotion. It is a light, non-greasy formula that contains jojoba and macadamia seed oils, murumuru and theobroma seed butters that nourishes the skin and allows you to customize your aromatherapy experience.


Squeeze the lotion into your hand and add 1 to 2 drops of your warming blend recipe to it. Rub your hands together to mix and use it on hands, feet or legs.


You could also use any carrier oil you like with this blend instead of lotion or any other unscented lotion you like.


More Hacks

Soak your “empties” (empty essential oil bottles) and remove the labels. Use these clean bottles to make and store your own favorite blends.


Use the doTERRA keychain with 8 drams to make your blends portable and keep in your purse or gym back. This is also great for kids backpacks etc. Use with your unscented lotion on the go.

So make sure you give this blend a try this winter and let me know how you like it!

Want your own set of lotion and key chain? Get yours here: