Hey there, I'm Tina! I’m a conscious, zen, 40-something, wife & mom to 3 grown kids and 3 fur babies. I’m crazy about yoga, fantasy-fiction novels, glamping, and being #boss.

I help #slaydies, entrepreneurs, #wahms, yogis, any anyone suffering from overwhelm, find natural wellness solutions that they can feel good about, #levelup their mindset, and slay those work/life goals!



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Live Clean - Easily!

Did you know that in many of the day-to-day items we use in our homes and on our bodies contain harmful chemicals that are known carcinogens or neurotoxins, and have been linked to endocrine disruption, hormone imbalances, organ damage and more?!?

But let's be honest, it's a BIG JOB trying to figure out what these harmful chemicals are and we can become easily overwhelmed by the process.

So I've created a cheat sheet for you that has 6 of the most common household and personal care items in your home to help you begin the switch. You can take one item at a time and start swapping them for cleaner, healthier options without feeling like you need to pack up your whole house and start over!

This list outlines what chemicals you should look for in the products you currently use and what you want to avoid when you purchase next time.

Easy Peasy!

And it's free to you just for showing up here!

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